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By Wendy Boorer, Apr 14 2017 03:04PM

Today I thought I would tell you a story....

Mrs Indesit booked a repair with The Appliance Repair Man, his name was Mr Zanussi. Mrs Indesit and Mr Zanussi stood in the kitchen surrounded by kitchen appliances. 'Now which one has the problem' asked Mr Zanussi. Mrs Indesit pointed to her Bosch tumble dryer, 'It's stopped heating' she said. Mr Zannusi began to take the tumble dryer apart while Mrs Indesit made a nice cup of tea. Suddenly there was a spark of electric that shot from the tumble dryer around the kitchen, the whole kitchen lit up and Mrs Indesit and Mr Zanussi found them selves in a strange land surrounded by appliances,Mr Zanussi was stood in front of a Beko fridge that was the size of a three storie house,over by a tree he could see a Hotpoint washing machine there was a little chimney on the top billowing smoke.. Mrs Indesit squealed 'where the ---am I?' Mr Zanussi, replied, 'Dont panic this has happened before, whenever I get an electric shock, I end up here. 'Where is here?' asked Mrs Indesit. We are in The Land of Appliances, don't worry we can go back, it will feel like we are here for hours, but in reality it will be seconds. Mrs Indesit stood speechless.

Following behind Mr Zanussi they wandered down a little path through the appliances and trees. As they passed by an Electrolux dishwasher, the door swung open and out popped a little man. 'Hello Mr Zanussi you back again, Ive got the kettle on would you like a cup of tea?' I'd love one,Mr Beko replied Mr Zanussi Mrs Indesit nodded her head still speechless. They all went inside and sat at the table Mr Beko called to his wife and asked her to bring tea and cakes for the guests. Mrs Beko was a lovely little plump lady with cherry cheeks and a big smile, she waddled of and set the table with a lovely china teapot and cups a tall cake stand with the most delicious cakes on display.

Mrs Indesit had a clear view to the kitchen and couldn't help noticing the lovely Rangemaster Classic Cooker. Mrs Beko saw Mrs Indesit looking at her cooker. 'I couldn't cook on anythinbg else,said Mrs Beko to Mrs Indesit. ' Ive always wanted one', replied Mrs Indesit. It has so much cooking ability, when we host our large street parties I can cook enough food on here for everyone!

The Main oven has 8 functions including, fan assisted, fanned grill, base heat, browning, defrost, conventional and rapid response.Separate grill cavity with a glide out grill system which brings the food to you. I love that! Electronic clock. Programmable digital minute minder timer. Removable inner glass door for easy cleaning, which is an absolute blessing. Easy clean interior.

The Main oven is a Multifunction oven with 2 shelves. The Second oven is a Fan oven with 2 shelves.

The Hob has 6 cooking zones and a grill.

To be continued......

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